[mythtv-users] MythTV and HDTV future

Bob spam at homeurl.co.uk
Fri Mar 2 11:04:39 UTC 2007

Michael Rice wrote:
> I have been thinking about upgrading to HDTV but I am concerned how MythTV 
> will fit into that.  I can handle having to upgrade hardware but there seems 
> to be other issues that will cause me problems.  Mostly I fear that I won't 
> be able to record encrypted cable channels which is going to cause my TV 
> viewing habits to regress.
> Currently I have a number of premium digital cable channels that I record by 
> capturing the output of the cable box.  With MythTV I can record movies from 
> HBO and Showtime, etc. and watch them on my schedule.  I also subscribe to 
> the NHL package and since the games I am interested in are aired when I am 
> working it would be useless if I could not record it.
> So at some point these channels become HD and due to copy protection (HDCP?) 
> I will not be able to record these channels.  Is this correct or is there 
> some solution to this now or coming up?
> I would guess I could get a DVR from the cable company (or go back to a new 
> Tivo) but that seems like a big regression after using Myth for a year now.
> Suggestions?  Comments?

As with all these things it depends on where you are, who your content 
provider is and so on. Basically you have a couple of options,

1: use you MythTV box to capture HD content directly with a supported 
DVB-T/C/S card or one of the HD-X000 cards for the USA
The down side of this is it uses a lot more Hard drive space, you need 
to by new capture hardware and the frontends need to be a LOT more 
powerful to playback content so you may need new ones of those as well.

2: Your Hi Definition Set Top Box (HDSTB) will probably be able to 
output downscaled analogue just like your current one, you can leave 
MythTV as it is, you only get to enjoy HD when your watching something 
live (spit) but you can test out HD and if you decide you love HD 
content that much then you can switch to option 1.

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