[mythtv-users] Mailinglist usage ?

Erland Isaksson erland_i at hotmail.com
Fri Mar 2 05:31:55 UTC 2007

Stroller wrote:
> On 28 Feb 2007, at 20:15, Scott Alfter wrote:
>> Erland Isaksson wrote:
>>> and the only thing I want to be able to do
>>> is answering a question once in a while. I could of course just  
>>> answer
>>> the question by sending a completely new mail to the mailing list
>> In order to read the question, you would first have to have  
>> received it.  Since
>> you've received it, why wouldn't you just reply to it?
> I think the assumption is that he's read the message on Gossamer,  
> that he's not subscribed.
> Stroller.
Yes this is it, I am today reading the messages on Gossamer, but the 
problem is if I like to answer on something.
It feels a bit stupid to subscribe all the time when I only read the one 
or two times a month and then I often use search to find the thing I am 
looking after. There is no chance I will read every post that comes in, 
there is to many posts on this list is compared to the time I am willing 
to spend reading them.

The ideal solution for me would be if Gossamer made it possible to click 
on an "answer to post" link when looking at a message. If this was 
possible I could subscribe be able to post answers but I could turn of 
the mail delivery and only do the reading on Gossamer.

According to the answers so far I understand that you all subscribe all 
the time and have filters that puts the messages in a separate folder 
and maybe also have this folder configured to delete mails older than 30 

I'm running my own mail server, so I am already using postfix to put the 
mails in a separate folder which works pretty good, so I think it would 
be quite easy to also add some script as suggested that deletes old 
mails. It is really no problem to store all the mails, it just feels a 
bit stupid to do so when I know I am never going to read most of the 

I guess the main issue is that I am not used to the mailing list 
handling and felt that I might be missing some smart way of handling it. 
But as it seems there is no clever tricks besides that you don't have to 
save old posts.


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