[mythtv-users] Verizon channels changed

Robert Tsai mythtv at tsaiberspace.net
Fri Mar 2 03:42:48 UTC 2007

On Thu, Mar 01, 2007 at 09:28:05PM -0500, Kurt Yoder wrote:
> Verizon recently changed their channel numbers. Now some of my
> channel numbers no longer match the XML channel id. I could fix this
> by deleting all my channels and allowing mythfilldatabase to re-fill
> them. However, then the previous recordings using the old channel
> numbers would show incorrect channels. Is there any way around this,
> or do I just have to accept incorrect channel numbers for old
> recordings?

Recordings are keyed by chanid (channel number) and starttime. The
original channel name/callsign/etc. are not stored for each recording.
Bascially, MythTV doesn't "move" very well between TV areas or channel

xmltvids only affect listings information (if you use DataDirect) and
will not affect your frontend display. So you're talking about a few
different things at once.

I have recordings from before I moved, where I had a different channel
lineup, with chanids that don't exist anymore in my new location.


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