[mythtv-users] MSI DIGITAL at NYWHERE ATSC HDTV TV Tuner supported? Rebranded Kworld atsc-110?

Michael Wisniewski wiz561 at gmail.com
Fri Mar 2 02:56:28 UTC 2007

I do not know anything about the MSI Digital card, but you are right, they
do look similar.  But, I just wouldn't go by looks to try it out, since
sometimes the pictures are different than what is in the box.

I had a hard time finding my ATSC 110 card.  I went to Fry's, MicroCenter,
best buy, and circuit city, and no luck anywhere.  A co-worker recommended
me to call Tiger Electronics up, so I did and turned out they had a ton of
them there.  I don't know if there are any Tiger Direct stores/outlets in
your area, but I would try there.  If not, maybe order it over the net.

The only reason why I would stay away from the card unless you (or somebody
else) knows for sure that it's the same is because of store return
policies.  It seems like the stores are getting more and more strict on

Just for kicks though, I looked through the "video4linux" documentation and
came across this...

  7 -> MSI TV- at nywhere Master                              [1462:8606]
 13 -> MSI TV- at nywhere
 82 -> MSI TV at Anywhere plus                     [1462:6231]

So.....it LOOKS like it's supported by video4linux.  I don't have any
experience with it, but since it mentions it in the video4linux "
CARDLIST.cx88" file, it looks like it's supported.

Good luck!


On 3/1/07, Thomas Mashos <tmashos at wou.edu> wrote:
> Thomas Mashos wrote:
> > I am looking to get this card, originally I was looking at either the
> > kworld atsc-110 or the ati hdtv wonder.  Since neither of them are
> > available in town I checked the internet and found some people saying
> > that the msi digital @nywhere atsc hdtv card is a rebranded kworld
> > atsc-110, and this card is available in town. (They do look eerily
> > similar, the red pcb board changes everything)   My question, if it is
> > the same card, it would work, correct?  If I went to the store, how
> > would I know by looking at the card if it was the same?  I assume im
> > looking for the chipset which in the kworld card is nxt2004, would I
> > find this printed on one of the chips?  I use ubuntu 6.10**
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