[mythtv-users] CX88 "Blackbird" audio razziness

Rod Smith mythtv at rodsbooks.com
Fri Mar 2 02:30:47 UTC 2007

On Thursday 01 March 2007 12:54, Dennis Hand wrote:
> >
> >I used the standard drivers in the kernel; I haven't tried
> > anything from the v4l site itself. If you try that approach and don't
> > have the audio problems, I'd love to hear about it.
> I believe one of the new things in the v4l code is that they have made
> the Avermedia M150 use the standard firmware instead of the one your
> referring to. From the v4l ChangeLog.

I might look into it, then; it could be my audio problems are 
firmware-related. OTOH, I did initially try the firmware pointed to by the 
v4l site, but it didn't work. The drivers initially tried loading the 
376,836-byte image, but that failed. A posting I found online suggested 
renaming the firmware, so I tried the 262,144-byte image, but that also 
failed with a message about checksum errors, IIRC. It was only when I tried 
the firmware from the site described in my wiki entry that the MPEG encoder 
started working. This makes me suspicious that the card might not work with 
the firmware for other Blackbird-based cards, but I can't be sure of that. 
Perhaps the driver was just squawking over a combination it wasn't programmed 
to recognize or something.

In any event, if you try the updated v4l drivers, please report back. I might 
not get around to trying them for a few days, since I'm using the card as a 
second tuner, and in that role the audio bug doesn't seem to crop up very 
often. Therefore I'm in no rush to spend more hours experimenting with it. 
For a $5.50 eBay purchase ($13.49 shipped), I'm satisfied even if it never 
works better than it does now....

Rod Smith

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