[mythtv-users] DVB-S error when trying to "SCAN"

Derek Conniffe derek at rivertower.ie
Fri Mar 2 00:12:22 UTC 2007

Hi all,

I have a problem with a DVB-S card - every time I try to "SCAN" for 
channels with mythtv-setup I get these errors: -
    DiSEqCDevTree, Error: No root device tree node!
    DVBChan(0) Error: Tune(): Failed to setup DiSEqC devices

Needless to say I'm not actually using DiSEqC - I'm using a small Sky 
Minidish to get freeview channels (BBC & ITV) - I'm in Ireland

I've been using a really old copy of mythtv (0.17) for a couple of years 
or more - it was a bit buggy but I had it running with PVR350 and a 
NexusS DVB-S cards and it was great really - watching TV nearly always 
ended in a crash though.

My neighbour (who fixes TVs for a living) gave me a big LCD TV with 
broken (unrepairable) sound - So I jumped at the chance to use this with 
the latest MythTV.

I installed Knoppmyth (really easy!) and the PVR350 installation went 
really well (this time I'm using VGA to connect the MytvTV box to the 
LCD TV - much better than the PVR350 to TV via SCART).

Thanks for any help with this problem - I'm really not sure why I'm 
getting these errors


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