[mythtv-users] tv_grab_au ninemsn and JavaScript

Lincoln Dale ltd at interlink.com.au
Thu Mar 1 22:09:21 UTC 2007

Hi Stephen,

[rather than sending to mythtv-users (a very high volume list), there is a much
smaller volume list for Shepherd that is probably more appropriate.  see the
wiki at http://svn.whuffy.com/ for details.]

> The "uber" grabber 'shepherd' is great, im now getting a great list of tv
> channels but because it uses Rex and NineMSN scripts, JavaScript is still
> needed for complete success, i installed libjs and libjs-devel copied the
> /usr/include/js files to /usr/include but now when i run 'perl JavaScript' i
> get

note that you don't "need" Javascript for Shepherd to operate, simply that
without JS, those components that require it won't be available.
Shepherd "tests" components before installing them and is smart enough to not
try to use components that haven't passed their tests.

even without ninemsn & Rex, there's still a flock of about 8 grabbers it _will_
use, even if it can't use those two. :)

> OS Suse 10.2
> sn-e-a000331:/ # cpan JavaScript
> In file included from /usr/include/jsdbgapi.h:46,
>                  from JavaScript_Env.h:6,
>                  from JavaScript.h:1,
>                  from JavaScript.xs:5:
> /usr/include/jsopcode.h:57:24: error: jsopcode.tbl: No such file or directory

i'm running a Fedora Core 3 (i.e. quite old) system here, interestingly enough,
my system doesn't have a jsopcode.tbl file on it either, but i DO have a
working set of JS libraries.

these are the JS packages i have installed in order to get JS working.
it could be that 'newer' JS packages have additional dependencies we don't know
about, but this is what i am using here:

$ rpm -qa | grep ^js

you may also need to follow similar advice to that of what is listed in

if you do figure this out, it'd be great if you can document your findings for
Suse 10.2 on the shepherd installation wiki page.

> I have also downloaded JavaScript-1.03 and get as far as 'make test' same
> error
> also what is the correct way to paste code??

if the compile of JS is working ok in that case, but the "make test" is
failing, note that you can force CPAN to install a module (even if tests fail)
by doing:
	$ cpan
	cpan> force install (module)



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