[mythtv-users] starting MythTV channels my tunechan

eric millham emillham at gmail.com
Thu Mar 1 19:44:04 UTC 2007

Curious, why don't you use the s-video input on the 250? I think that looks
better anyway.

I use a satellite and my Hauppauge 250 needs to be set to channel 4
> for it to work. I can do a:
> pvr250-setchannel 4
> within the command line to set the channel and my capture card is
> working fine, but when I invoke the MythTV backend it channels this
> tune channel to something else, even though the tunechan field in
> mythconverg.cardinput (MySQL) database is set to 4.
> How can I force MythTV to leave my tune channel set to 4? I do not
> have an IR blaster installed yet, FWIW. Manually setting the card back
> to the right channel via the command line seems to work, at least part
> of the time, but this is a PITA...
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