[mythtv-users] Backtrace mythtv from ATrpms

John jharitos at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 1 19:26:35 UTC 2007

Thanks for the link to the package. I'm trying to
pinpoint a seg fault as a result of leaving LiveTV and
then reentering LiveTV. The problem with gdb is that
once you exit livetv you can't reenter as I get an
error that says "couldn't get registers: no such
process". I tried hitting c to continue but that
doesn't work since it says "requires argument
(checkpoint id to restart)". In the Wiki, I saw the do
loop but this won't work since restarting the backend
clears my seg fault. Does anyone know how to continue
with gdb? I used the commands from the wiki and put
them into the gdbcommands file.


--- John <jharitos at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Is it possible to do a backtrace with the RPMs from
> ATrpms? I tried it and I get symbols not found. I
> did
> a search on the list and it says I need to install
> the
> debuginfo packages but I don't see them in the repo.
> I'd like to avoid compiling if possible. I'm using
> 0.20-153 FC6 x86_64.
> Any questions? Get answers on any topic at
> www.Answers.yahoo.com.  Try it now.

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