[mythtv-users] MSI DIGITAL at NYWHERE ATSC HDTV TV Tuner supported? Rebranded Kworld atsc-110?

Thomas Mashos tmashos at wou.edu
Thu Mar 1 18:09:47 UTC 2007

I am looking to get this card, originally I was looking at either the 
kworld atsc-110 or the ati hdtv wonder.  Since neither of them are 
available in town I checked the internet and found some people saying 
that the msi digital @nywhere atsc hdtv card is a rebranded kworld 
atsc-110, and this card is available in town. (They do look eerily 
similar, the red pcb board changes everything)   My question, if it is 
the same card, it would work, correct?  If I went to the store, how 
would I know by looking at the card if it was the same?  I assume im 
looking for the chipset which in the kworld card is nxt2004, would I 
find this printed on one of the chips?  I use ubuntu 6.10**

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