[mythtv-users] Auto music transcode for UPNP clients

Craig Partin cpartin at gmail.com
Sat Jun 30 18:51:21 UTC 2007

> Here was my problem:
>  I store my music in a lossless format (flac), but may inexpensive UPNP
> clients understand MP3 only.
> Which left me with a few options:
>  1. Convert my entire music collection to MP3 (never!)
>  2. make another copy of my music collection in MP3, served by some other
> UPNP server (ugg)
>  3. Find a better solution
> 3 was the obvious choice…
>  So, I ended up using MP3FS to "expose" my music collection as mp3s in a
> separate directory on my server without taking up extra disk space.
>  Next, I created a patch for the UPNP server in myth to be able to select
> which format to send based on the IP address of the UPNP client.
> So, to use this functionality:
>  1. Install/setup MP3FS (brilliant!) http://mp3fs.sourceforge.net/  (or
> create your own alternate directory structure)
>  2. Apply patch
>  3. Add the following settings to the settings database:
>  a. UpnpAltMusicHosts= a comma seperated list of the UPNP client IPs that
> need MP3 format (ex:,192.168.149)
>  b. UpnpAltMusicLocation= the directory where MP3FS is set to (ex:
> /var/local/media/musicmp3256)
>  c. UpnpNormalMusicExtension= the "regular" file extension of you music
> files (flac for me) Here are the patches:
>  Myth head (rev 13718): trac #3639
> http://svn.mythtv.org/trac/ticket/3639
> Myth 20 fixes branch patch:
> http://davetech.wordpress.com/2007/06/19/mythtv-upnp-enhancement/
> Hope others find this useful.
> Dave

Have you tried this with iTunes?  Could you point iTunes to this
virtual fs and transfer mp3s to an iPod?  That woould be very cool.

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