[mythtv-users] Firewire DCT recording -> Myth?

Tom Greer trgreer at gmail.com
Sat Jun 30 00:52:58 UTC 2007

On 6/29/07, Ken Mandelberg <km at mathcs.emory.edu> wrote:

> So back to my original query,
>  >Right now I would settle for doing it manually. I have done this with
>  > "custom record", but this has a 5 minute granularity on start time, and
>  >   wants to do an extraneous channel change. If I preposition the DCT to
>  > be ready to play the recording, the channel change loses it. Then there
>  > is the matter of trying to associate the metadata that myth knows (or
>  > maybe knew) with the recording.
>  >Has anyone worked out a better way?

I have a system with three DCT6xxx boxes including a DCT-6416 and I
have an HDHomeRun as well.  So my setup is similar to yours.

The only reason I have the 6416 is as a backup (I had to wean my wife
off of it).  At this point, I really no longer need it.  I should
exchange it for a non-DVR box and save some money...

I still don't understand why you don't let Myth control the DCT box
all the time.  I am struggling to see the value in what you are trying
to do.

If you could help us understand, perhaps we could assist.


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