[mythtv-users] reported program length

Noel Leistad - MythTV xmythtv at metc.net
Fri Jun 29 17:45:40 UTC 2007

Noticed that 1hr records display 1:08 length, but end in <55min
Noticed that 2hr records display 2:17 lenght, but end in ~1hr 48 min

Thought problem was because I recorded on mythbox1, did nuvexport, 
playback on mythbox2.

Checking mythbox1, which I never watch, same applies.

Running mythtv-0.20.1-158.fc6 on Recording system, MythDora 4.0 on playback.

ran mythtranscode --mpeg2 on file, rotated output to original name, 
problem seems corrected....?

Don't understand why this is necessary. Have I miss configured 
something? Do I need to setup as a post-record job?

Apologies for my ignorance....


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