[mythtv-users] Xbox MythTv with SVN trunk?

Michael Drons mdrons at yahoo.com
Fri Jun 29 14:21:16 UTC 2007

Read this...

Make sure you update the xorg.conf file after
installing the nvxbox driver before rebooting.

I have spent days working on this and just got
everything working last night.  

I did not make the jump to kernel 2.6, as everything I
have seen so it is not worth the time and effort.  So
still running the kernel that comes in 1.1.4 build of


--- ikke <ikke at iki.fi> wrote:

> Hi,
> I thought I give a try for linux MythTv frontend on
> old xbox. My
> backend is SVN trunk, so old versions are out of
> question. However it
> seems that trunk version doesn't compile on Xebian,
> which is same as
> debian sarge. And Xebian is not officially
> updateable to etch, which
> would have the missing libraries (libqt3-mt-dev).
> Has anyone been able to run >.20 trunk version of
> MythTv on Xebian? How?
> The biggest problems on upgrading to etch seems to
> be:
> 1. xf86 -> xorg change, where xorg doesn't have the
> proper driver
> module for xbox. Could it be run without X with
> fbdev?
> 2. Kernel jump from 2.4 -> 2.6. There seems to be
> some brave people
> hacking 2.6 to be xbox compatible, but it doesn't
> seem too stable yet.
>  -i
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