[mythtv-users] pcHDTV 5500 suddenly getting partial lock from WGBH

Doug Larrick doug at parkercat.org
Fri Jun 29 01:16:21 UTC 2007

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mcblitz at verizon.net wrote:
> I setup a MythTV box about a year ago, and added a pcHDTV 5500 last
> fall.  Every thing has been working fine (except for occasional
> upgrade difficulties).  My main use of the pcHDTV 5500 is to record
> HDTV programming from PBS station WGBH in Boston. WGBH has 4 HDTV
> channels.
> Up until the other day, everything was working from.  My last
> successful recording from WGBH was Nature on 6/25/07.  On 6/29/07 I
> expected to record Nova and Frontline.  When I went to view them,
> they we in the recorded list, but when I tried to play them, there
> weren't any files.
> When I tried to view WGBH 2-2 live, I get "93% signal, LAM_V, partial
> lock"  This occurs on all 4 WGBH channels.  Other HDTV station still
> work fine.
> I'm assuming that WGBH has changed its signal.  I saw a similar topic
> about someone's HomeRun unit also getting partial lock, and they
> upgraded to ATrpm's bleeding edge MythTV packages that solved their
> problem.  I upgraded to the bleeding edge last night, but it didn't
> solve the problem.
> Has anyone seen a similar (and hopefully solved) a similar problem?

I am (was) seeing this as well.  But I sat down to try to debug it
tonight and WGBH 2_2 and 2_1 (both over-the-air for me) are back to
normal.  So it seems perhaps there was some misconfiguration on their end.

- -Doug
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