[mythtv-users] Zonbu PC and Myth

Steve Meyers steve-lists-mythtv at spamwiz.com
Thu Jun 28 16:29:53 UTC 2007

>> I wonder if it will be a capable myth frontend! $250, small, silent 
>> linux pc.
>> Seems too good to be true.
> It is.
> "The Zonbu device does not have a hard disk. Instead, a 4GB 
> compact flash (similar to what digital cameras and MP3 
> players use) stores the operating system and the application 
> which have been installed. The remaining space of the 
> compact flash is used as a cache to store local copies of 
> files you've recently used; special software keeps these 
> copies synchronized with the online storage servers. "

I have a frontend running on a 4GB compact flash drive.  Why does a 
small, silent frontend need to have storage?

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