[mythtv-users] Intel Mac Mini/IR Remotes?

Wade Maxfield mythtv at hotblack.co.nz
Thu Jun 28 05:21:47 UTC 2007

>>  If you are not using the OS X frontend, what linux distro are you
>>  using, and most importantly, what type of remote control are you
>>  using, and are you using the IR transceiver built in to the mini with
>>  this remote?
>I'm using Ubuntu Feisty and a Harmony 880 remote.  It's set to emulate a
>MS Media Center remote, as I have the USB receiver plugged into the Mac.
>  I didn't find (with a quick search, at least) a way of using a
>full-featured remote with the built-in IR receiver, though I'd like to
>be able to do that.
>- --

Thanks Dan.

What version of LIRC are you using?  I thought I saw somewhere that 
LIRC 0.8.2 could recognise remotes, other than the Apple one, via the 
built in IR receiver.

  - Wade

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