[mythtv-users] Can a video source trigger an aspect change?

Joe Borne joe.borne at gmail.com
Wed Jun 27 12:34:02 UTC 2007

I'd like to know if I can configure Myth to automatically change the
aspect when I switch to a channel that is coming in via the s-video
from my STB. Video coming in via that connection is double "black
barred". It gets the normal black bars on the sides, but is also
reduced so there are bars on top and bottom. The effect leaves the
video using only 1/3rd of my widescreen hd flat panel.

I'd like to set something up so that when I view these channels coming
in through this video source that the system automatically switches to
the "4:3" zoom mode.

Does anyone know if this can be done and how?

Thanks in advance.

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