[mythtv-users] (Myth) Archive to hard disk

Ma Begaj derliebegott at gmail.com
Tue Jun 26 23:45:06 UTC 2007

2007/6/27, Brad DerManouelian <myth at dermanouelian.com>:
> > I would like to move the recording to LVM in MythVideoDir/Recordings,
> > to rename it to something recognizable,
> You can use it in combination with myth_rename.pl if you need to
> rename the file as well.

I found it already, but thanks-

> > to delete it from recordings
> Why do you want to delete it from recordings?

Because I want it to be in Videos, not in recordings ... I use
recordings list only for fresh things. Everything is being deleted or
saved somewhere else after watching. Example: I recorded the movie
"Mississippi Burning" today and I want to move it to Videos to be able
to access this video with MythVideo ... I also like cover pictures in
MythVideo etc ...

> > and so on ...
> What else? If you lay out all the requirements, there are enough
> smart people on this list who can help out with tools that have
> already been written or give you guidance on what pieces are missing
> to get it to do exactly what you want.

I am going to check the list ... I just started writing a perl package
for archiving videos and converting to some other formats: creating
AVI for  my windows mobile phone, making MKV files with included
subtitles etc ... I have already this stuff, but in a few different
shell scripts.

> How many people are using it? I count 3 so far. The person who wrote
> it, the person who just said they use it and is happy with the way it
> current is and you. As you can tell, everyone uses it for different
> things. I prefer these types of scripts to be written in perl so I
> can hack at them and make them do what I need. I can't do that with C+
> + and I don't compile Myth myself. Please don't take away what I love
> about myth - end-user customizability. :)

hehehe, it is little bit more than 3 I think ... check google.



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