[mythtv-users] Disk Reorganization Advice Needed

Craig Huff huffcs at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 26 18:27:46 UTC 2007

 Hi, all-

I have decided to move all the mundane partitions to a separate disk drive (20-40MB) 
and let the /video partition take up all of the existing large capacity disk (250MB).

I can handle partitioning the new disk and think I can move the contents over by 
temporarily mounting each of the replacement partitions, in turn, to /mnt and, since they're
all ext3 partitions, doing a "dump 0f - /old/hdx | (cd /mnt; restore xf -)" process.

However, I don't have enough disk space to do this for /video, nor to I really want to move 
it to another disk; I want to have it take over the whole disk.  To complicate things, while, 
as far as I can recall, (writing from work) this is an ext3 partition, but I built it under an 
LVM a la the Myth HOWTO and/or Jarod's Fedora Core HOWTO.

Is there a process whereby I can do all of the following?
  1) Preserve the data, 
  2) Get rid of the LVM layer, 
  3) Expand the partition to incorporate the whole disk
  4) Perhaps trivial, but for completeness, move from /dev/hda7 to /dev/hda1

While I could "cheat" and get another disk and migrate this, too, I had just negotiated a 
deal with the CFFO (chief family finance officer) to acquire the means to build a small
form factor front end to put next to the big TV in the family room and she's already 
suspicious of the amount of time that will take me away from human interaction.

So, I need to decide which will cost more -- the social cost in time to do this 
in-place or the financial cost to get another disk.

FWIW, since the IDE buses will all be full with the aforementioned two disks, a 
DVD-RW, and a ZIP drive, any new disk will have to be a SATA-II disk.  That would be
*SUCH* a sacrifice.  ;-)

Presumably migrating in-place can be done, so how painful would it be and can anyone tell
me the appropriate sequence of steps?


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