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Ken Smith kens at kensnet.org
Tue Jun 26 13:37:47 UTC 2007

Ashley Bostock wrote:
> Many of these OT posts are from people new to myth and linux so often 
> don't know if there problem is a myth or a general linux one.  Would 
> be great in an ideal world, but ppl have a hard enough time working 
> out if they should post to users/dev already.
> Ash

I've just joined this list and I have a FC6 Myth box running 
experimentally at the moment. It has 2xDVB-T and a PVR 350 in it. I have 
a few questions that I'll ask in another post, but I agree, getting Myth 
running is a complex business involving Kernels, alsa, ivtv, plus LVM, 
mysql, compiling video drivers, apache, networking, php, plus video and 
RF. Fantastic fun for folks who are 'into' Linux, and very rewarding. 
Lots of WAF, she especially likes the MythTV Player on her XP PC. But, 
its not for the feint hearted, especially scary for linux newbies and M$ 

I also use Linux for multi track sound recording using a FC based distro 
called PlanetCCRMA. Their list, like this one, is full of , "how do I 
install this, or that, configure this, make this freaking hardware 
co-operate, compile a kernel, patch the kernel, I run this and it 
segfaults" and so on. So the mythtv-users list is not alone.

What might help, rather than a OT list, are ones that a more focussed, eg

Myth-Video Capture
Myth-Audio Configuration
Myth-MySQL Configuration
Myth-Video Output
Myth-Linux Configuration

Maybe that list is too long, or more suited to a web page based forum.

Just my UK 2p's worth.



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