[mythtv-users] will Nova-T 500 work?

Leigh Porter leigh at leighporter.org
Tue Jun 26 12:47:13 UTC 2007

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David Campbell wrote:
> David Campbell wrote:
>> Eduard Huguet wrote:
>>> Some people are using some kind of script that monitorizes 'dmesg' and
>>> restarts mythbackend as soon as the mt2060 read/write errors start to 
>>> occur.
>> I could do that but it does seem a bit of a hack to me.
>>> Also you could effectively try to upgrade your kernel, as it seems that the
>>> problem is closesly related to the USB layout. As a recommendation, you
>>> should also disable the DVB layout in kernel options and use lastest HG
>>> drivers from LinuxTV.
>> This is probably what I will do.
> Right it looks like my hard disk died last night - so opportunity for 
> reinstall.
> Rather than [K]ubuntu - which current distro supports all the nice 
> plugins (mythvideo, mythstream) and has a kernel late enough?  Mythdora?
> Dave
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I use mythdora but it looks like a pain in the ass to upgrade to
versions of things that dont break with the Nova-t 500

Anybody know how to do this?

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