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Trey Thompson treythompson at gmail.com
Mon Jun 25 21:33:20 UTC 2007

Would it be appropriate to create a new list that's mythtv-OT, or something
like that?
I read each and every subject line, and maybe 25% of the posts, and I have
been since I first used Myth about 9 months ago.

I've had my own opinions, and now I FULLY support the main contributors that
this list is a great way to communicate, instead of a forum, webpage,
etc...  It's quick and easy!

But, it DOES seem that there are regularly a HUGE number of posts (NOT
including the recent flood of Zap2It) that aren't really directly related to
Myth.  Some of mine are definitely included in this!

I really don't know the amount, but since 82% of all statistics are made up
on the fly :), I'm guessing that it's about 47-52% of the posts that are
related to something other than the actual MythTV "suite" of programs.

Just throwing out a suggestion to the devs...  I'd subscribe and participate
in both, but it might be a nice way to organize the truly Myth questions,
from the remote control, partition, apache, IP, general Linux woes that we
all go through regularly.

Your ever faithful Myther (sounds like I've got a lisp and am saying

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