[mythtv-users] Artifacts on screen with DVI to HDMI cable

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Mon Jun 25 04:50:07 UTC 2007

On 06/24/2007 11:05 PM, David Cramblett wrote:
> This turned out to be the MSI FX5200 Video card.  It just couldn't run 
> either the 15' cable length or it doesn't like the DVI->HDMI cable, I 
> don't know which. However, 15' VGA -> RGB Component worked fine.

DVI cables were designed to be cheap to manufacture, rather than being
designed to carry the DVI signal (SDI), so they are actually far more
sensitive to long cable runs than are VGA cables or component cables. 
HDMI cables are typically even worse (because--in addition to having the
same design flaw as DVI cables--the cables tend to be smaller gauge).

Some cable manufacturers do different things to work around the inherent
weakness of the design (often adding significantly to the cost of the
cables).  Whether their techniques work, I couldn't tell you--I'm also
using VGA happily.  TTBOMK, no cable manufacturer has actually created a
"proper" cable for DVI/HDMI.  (SDI is designed to be carried over
coaxial wires, but DVI/HDMI uses twisted pair.  I don't know of any
source of DVI/HDMI cables using coaxial wires.)


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