[mythtv-users] Let's get our heads straight here on listings solutions

David Brodbeck gull at gull.us
Sun Jun 24 19:40:59 UTC 2007

On Jun 24, 2007, at 11:01 AM, Kevin Hulse wrote:

> 	Futurologists are like weathermen.

I'm reminded of Al Franken's comment about Newt Gingrich's  
prediction, as a futurist, that there was no need to worry about  
fixing health care because some day we'd all have medical diagnosis  
chairs in our houses.

Al said (paraphrasing here) that while he spent his younger years  
getting stoned and watching "Scooby Doo," Newt must have spent his  
youth getting stoned and watching "The Jetsons."  I think a lot of  
futurists are like that.

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