[mythtv-users] Zap2it Labs Shutting Down?

Marcus Watkins mythlists at marcuswatkins.net
Wed Jun 20 21:51:10 UTC 2007

Chris Petersen wrote:
> ryan patterson wrote:
>> I think people are too caught up in the unauthorized use of the
>> zap2it data.  Reading between the lines of the zap2it posting, I
>> think the main reason behind this is TMS is going to change the
>> backend database structure and they don't want to have to pay
>> somebody to rewrite the datadirect client that accesses the database.
> Please let me clarify.  DataDirect is *not* going away.  Labs.zap2it.com
> *is*.  DataDirect is normally a for-pay service offered by TMS that they
> happened to offer for free to certain groups like MythTV.
> -Chris
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Hi Chris,

I read your earlier note about leaving a bad taste by having to pay for
the data. I think that most users would understand, and the others would
be free to maintain xmltv for a no cost solution.

Most users understand that there's a cost to this data, and it's not
necessary that mythtv be free as in beer, but free as in speech. (At
least that's my reasoning, I don't want someone turning off my DVI
output at some later date because they want to rake me over the coals
some more).

At any rate, if some solution in the future requires raising initial
capital to start offering a for-pay service, please let the community
know before writing it off. I, for one, would be willing to put up a
large chunk in the beginning to help get it up and running.

Marcus Watkins

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