[mythtv-users] Multiple receivers with similar list of channels

Nick Morrott knowledgejunkie at gmail.com
Wed Jun 20 17:12:38 UTC 2007

On 20/06/07, Martin Bene <martin.bene at icomedias.com> wrote:
> Hi, I'd like to know what's the best way to setup the following
> configuration (Mythtv 0.20 fixes)
> * 4 DVB Cards, all directed at the same sat.
> * two of the receivers have CI Modules/Smartcards for a bunch of
> encrypted channels;
> So, there's three "sets" of channels I can receive:
>  - FTA
>  - ORF (Austrian channels, handled by both CI Modules/Smartcards
>  - Premiere (Pay TV, Handled by one of the CI Modules).


> A) Include all receivable channels in each of the videosources:
>         Source1: Free
>         Source2: Free+ORF
>         Source3: Free+ORF+Premiere
> This results several entries (with different channel IDs) for the same
> channel, making mythweb rather crowded and messing up recording rules
> that specify a channel - the recording gets locked to one source
> (instead of using all sources that include the desired channel).

This is the best way to achieve your aims. Each cardinput can only be
attached to a single videosource, so each videosource needs to contain
*all* the channels that cardinput is to record.

Different chanids is not a problem - as they must be unique in the
database. The key items that should match for the 'same' channel on
different videosources are the CALLSIGN and the CHANNUM. Making sure
all 'copies' of the same channel on different videosources have the
same callsign enables the scheduler to use all card inputs offering
that channel when scheduling. Having the same channum for all 'copies'
of the same channel across videosources will result in the programme
guide and MythWeb only showing 1 copy of the channel. Scheduling will
be unaffected, and will use whichever card is deemed best.

This assumes that you want all 'copies' of the same channel treated
equally for scheduling purposes across all videosources/card inputs -
but I think this is exactly what you are after.

This is exactly the method I use in the UK for
analogue/freeview/Virgin, so my video sources contain the following

1) analogue
2) analogue + freeview
3) analogue + freeview + VirginMedia

I use XMLTV so ensure that all 'copies' of the same channel also the
same XMLTVID so they get the same TV listings.

Finally, make sure your video sources are actually attached to the
card inputs, and I'd strongly suggest using the 'Remove all capture
cards' and 'Remove all videosources' options in mythtv-setup so you
start fresh. This will not affect your recording rules, which will
continue to work as long as they are 'Record on any channel' rules, or
a 'Record on this channel' rules and your channel callsigns do not

Good luck,

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