[mythtv-users] MythTV -> RSS -> PSP automation

David Leinbach david at leinbach.name
Wed Jun 20 06:06:34 UTC 2007

l too am on AMD64 but l was one ebuild behind so l am
upgradingtonight. We'll see how it goes.

On 6/19/07, greg at nodecam.com <greg at nodecam.com> wrote:
> > Which is funny because my recordings are from a PVR-250 as well and
> > have not been transcoded ... I have seen other reports of problems
> > with mythtranscode seg faulting when performing lossless transcodes of
> > MPEG2 files ... perhaps it is something with that .. what version of
> > mythtv do you have installed?
> I'm on what I believe is the current ebuild: media-tv/mythtv-0.20.1_p13344
> I am running AMD64 though, if that makes a difference.
> Greg
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