[mythtv-users] HVR-1600

Carl Wilkinson carljtw at gmail.com
Tue Jun 19 17:07:21 UTC 2007

Has anyone heard of any Linux support for the HVR-1600 yet?  I got one of
these instead of the PVR-150 last December and can't really return it.  I
put Myth-TV on the system and found out when it didn't work that there
wasn't support for my new card.

If anyone was working on it and need a guinea pig, I'll volunteer to try out
the code.  The 1600 seems like an overall better card, but I just don't want
to use the default hodgepodge of Windows software it came with.  It works,
but it's not as clean-looking as Myth-TV and doesn't run on Linux of course.

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