[mythtv-users] Is skipping ads really a good idea?

William Munson william_munson at bellsouth.net
Mon Jun 18 19:18:04 UTC 2007

Wes Hardaker wrote:
>>>>>> "CB" == Cole Brodine <cbrodine at gmail.com> writes:
> CB> What I think is the even bigger discussion item: What if this becomes the
> CB> norm, and TV stations lose a lot advertising revenue?  Will cable prices go
> CB> up?  Will the quality of shows decrease? (More reality TV makes me sad)
> I think the more likely result will be a mix of decrease quality in
> conjunction with increased product-placement (it's already on a huge
> increase).  Ever see "The Truman Show".  Coming soon to a show near you.
> Really there is no way around product placement.  We've been heading
> there for a while.  Fast forward in VCR's was step one.  FF on DVRs was
> step 2.  And auto-commercial skip (which I love) is going to be the
> final nail.  It only leaves 4 solutions:
> 1) make skipping commercials illegal and technically
>    challenging/impossible for closed system devices through DRM.
> 2) increase in-show commercials (no OTA and we go to all subscription
>    cable/etc likely through encrypted systems).
> 3) user-pays-all-fees for no commercial channels
> 4) all TV content goes away and we're down to pay-per-use kind of
>    architecture only.
> I'm sure that the marketers of the world will try to make commercial
> skipping illegal at some point (we're near the typing point now; as DVR
> use has gone up massively then systems are starting to put restrictive
> code into the systems; tivo starting to cave a while ago).
> I think more and more dollars though will be retrieved from in-show
> commercials though.  The interesting thing will be to see how close they
> get to the Truman Show like details where it's obnoxious.
You forgot one option. The one my children use now. We stop watching TV 
and actually go out and enjoy life and interacting with people. Until 
then I will make use of what rights I have left to watch what I want and 
not the crud they try to sell me. Case in point, what the heck is the 
Truman show? I have never heard of it and from your description of its 
contents would not watch it anyways.

PS - Are you sure you are not a network lawyer or tv station mole?  
(Joking) ;-)

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