[mythtv-users] FC6 x86_64 and DVB SAA7134

Jake Thompson jake-lists at jakethompson.com
Mon Jun 18 14:33:11 UTC 2007

Hi All,
I think I may have already posted this, but I am going to try to give more
information.  I am at a loss for who/where to go to next.

I have a FC6 x86_64 machine running the latest kernel 2.6.20-1.2952.fc6, I
also have the 2.6.20-1.2933.fc6 kernel installed, since this is the last
kernel that worked.

The problem is I can no lock on channels.  This is using QAM256.   If I tune
to a channel that I know works, it shows the signal strength bouncing
between 93%and99% but never gains a lock.  If I tune to a channel that I
know does not work, I get a 99% signal strength and the normal channel
lock.  So the only difference I see is the "bouncing".  On the 2933 kernel I
do not see this, I get a 99% and the channel locks and displays properly.

This has happened since the 2933 kernel and assumed I had messed something
up, but now it has been 2-3 kernel revs and it seems to be a pattern now.

This is loading the saa7134_dvb driver

Anyone have a similar setup, or does anyone have a suggestion where else I
could go for information?

AMD x86_64
KWorld ATSC 110 (saa7134_dvb)
Hauppauge PVR 150 (ivtv, working fine)

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