[mythtv-users] speed of burn

norman norman at littletank.org
Thu Jun 14 16:55:44 UTC 2007

> > I am using MythArchive and, from what I have seen, there is no obvious
> > provision for setting a burn speed. It is my understanding that the
> > speed of burn may affect playback quality. So, my interest was to
> > examine this proposition to see if it has any validity.
> MNy understanding is that if using decent media and a reasonably new
> standalone DVD player this should not be an issue.

> There have been reports of some very old players having problems playing
> "burned" disks, and that at least some of these problems have been
> helped by burning at a lower speed.

I did have a problem with an old player and with a new one that I bought
recently. Discs I made would not play properly and tended to pixilate
quite badly and stutter along, whereas the same discs would play
perfectly well on other players. I thought the problem lay with the make
of disc but I have since  convinced myself that it was the speed of
burn. Having exchanged the player for a different model the problem has

> I wouldn't think "playback quality" would be an issue as long as the
> player actually recognized the disk, after all, a zero is a zero and a
> one is a one.
> There are always errors on optical disk playback though, usually
> corrected by the play without the user being aware of it. It might be
> possible, in marginal situations, that a slower burn would reduce the
> read errors, but this would only matter in a VERY marginal situation.
> My best guess is that you are wasting your time fooling with playback
> speed unless your circumstances are extremely unique, and in that case
> using better media and/or a newer standalone player is probably a better
> answer in any case.

Thanks for your comments.
> However, if you have time to burn (no pun intended)...


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