[mythtv-users] xorg problem with resolution

Khanh Tran khanh at khanh.net
Thu Jun 14 07:24:01 UTC 2007

I know this is really an xorg problem more than a mythtv problem, but I'm
sure I can get a better answer with everyone's experience here.

I recently rebuilt my myth box, and went from SuSE 10 to 10.2.  The issue
I'm having now is with the dpi.  xdpyinfo reports:

 dimensions:    1280x768 pixels (40x30 millimeters)
  resolution:    813x650 dots per inch

Which is way off.  I set the screen dimensions in my xorg.conf, but no
matter what I set it to, I get the same results from xdpyinfo.  The major
issue I'm having is that LiveTV and recorded shows (as well as MythVideo) in
4:3 format, always gets stretched to 16:9.  The 2.35 and 1.85 content in
mythvideo seems squashed.


Attached is my xorg.conf...
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