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Jake Vickers jake at v2gnu.com
Thu Jun 14 02:54:12 UTC 2007

edilbeck at cox.net wrote:
>> Just wondering how everyone redirects to MythWeb running at home if they have a dynamic IP.  I created some scripts on >a co-owned server [ and have cron (on my local mythbox) hitting them every so often.  This way I get 
>> redirected to whatever my current dynamic IP is.  If there is [Eric Dilbeck] > enough of a need, I would open this 
>> option up to other MythWeb users. 
> I was also wandering how people did this. I have not dig deep enough into this problem yet. But I was wanting to do this with out any cosy(dyn dns service) I do have a domain. Is there a way for my Myth box to ftp the current dyn ip to my web server so it always know how to get to my myth box?
If you run your own DNS servers, I whipped up a script to do something 
similar a few years ago - it's on my site (v2gnu.com), in the files 
called "Notify if IP has changed). Basically takes it's DNS name 
(home.yourdomain.com) and sees if the DHCP IP matches what DNS is 
reporting. If it does not, it FTP's a message to a FTP server with the 
new IP address. You can script from there to update your DNS. My IP only 
changed once every couple months, so I just did it by hand at the time.
I've got static IPs now, so I never got around to polishing the script 
anymore than that.

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