[mythtv-users] Component TV Out Problems

James Armstrong james at thearmstrongs.org
Wed Jun 13 16:43:30 UTC 2007

> As far as the refresh rate, again, you're locked into the refresh rate
> determined by the "TVStandard" line in your Xorg.conf.  If you have
> flickering, its most likely because you're creating an interlaced
> picture, 1080i.  The component out doesn't seem to quite 'sync up'
> with any interlaced displays, so thin elements of a GUI will jump up
> and down.  Using 720p eliminates this, but then you end up with a
> slightly fuzzier picture if you have a native 1080i set.  Ideally I
> think one would use 720p for any menus or Gnome, and switch to 1080i
> only to display video.  This would be possible if not for a bug in the
> Nvidia drivers which prevents properly switching between these on the
> fly.  Can anyone confirm if this bug still exists in the new 100
> series drivers?
I have the latest Nvidia driver and use 888x508 for the gui and then
switch to 1920x1080 for videos based on the resolution or stay at
888x508 for SD recordings.

- James

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