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Paul Harrison mythtv at dsl.pipex.com
Tue Jun 12 15:31:43 UTC 2007

norman wrote:
> Thanks to all the help I have been given I am beginning to find my way
> around and to use mythtv especially to save broadcasts and to transfer
> videos to DVD. 
> When I select 'Find Files to Archive' I have a choice of three headings
> to choose from:- Recordings, Video Files and Files. I am clear about the
> first two but would like to know what the use of Files is and, if used,
> where the files are stored. I have tried Google and various references I
> have but have not been able to learn anything. Please give me the
> benefit of your experience.
> Norman
The 'Files' screen shows you a file browser that allows you to look for
any video files anywhere on your file system. By default it will only
show you files that have a file extension that match one of these '*.mpg
*.mov *.avi *.mpeg *.nuv' - that is files that end with '.mpg' or '.mov'
etc. You can change what files the browser will show you by changing the
'File Selector Filter' setting on the first page of MythArchive's settings.

One use for this would be to create a DVD from some files that you have
downloaded from the Internet or copied to your computer from another
source like a video camera.

How successful the DVD creation process will be depends on what the
format of the files is and whether ffmpeg, the tool used to convert them
to a DVD compatible format, can do the conversion.
Paul H.

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