[mythtv-users] Best nvidia video card for Myth

František Augusztin frantisek at augusztin.com
Tue Jun 12 07:10:35 UTC 2007

Michelle Dupuis:
> 1. Dual head (DVI is fine, but must include VGA adapter/conversion
> capability)
> 2. PCIe 16 interface
> 3. Fanless (big heatsink is ok)
> 4. HDCP support - nice to have
> 5. HD capable (decoding 1900x1200 full frame rate no problem)

I use Asus EN7300LE TOP/HTD/256M in my MythTV box :

1) one VGA, one DVI-I (so with conversion it can be dual VGA if needed)
2) yes
3) yes, heatsink only front side of card (which is good for installation into 
my LC11 case)
4) i think no (what use does it have in MythTV box ?)
5) I tried to play Elephant's Dream, but only not on full HD LCD TV (only HD 
Ready, 1366x768). Without XVMC, it had problems on my C2D 1.8GHz PC. With 
XVMC, it played without problems.

Frantisek Augusztin
frantisek at augusztin.com

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