[mythtv-users] Backend (still) always recording duplicates.

Nathan Caldwell saintdev at gmail.com
Mon Jun 11 00:38:49 UTC 2007

Hi, my backend is always recording duplicate shows.
I asked about this in February
and (sort of) solved it with the help of Bruce Markey

However, my backend is _still_ attempting to rerecord duplicate shows.
Not the same ones that were fixed, but any new episode I record, then
subsequently delete the backend automatically rerecords. Now, I
understand I could just fix it the same way I did before, but this
really seems to fix the symptom, not the problem. Are there any
settings I could check that would cause this behavior? Or, is there
any way I could fix the problem, so I don't have to fix up the
database every couple of weeks?

-Nathan Caldwell

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