[mythtv-users] I am thinking of going to DISH

Brian Wood beww at beww.org
Sat Jun 9 04:20:55 UTC 2007

Tim Litwiller wrote:
> I just called DISH, to get a second single reciever they will add a
> $5.00 per month lease - so then directtv is the same price.  I'll have
> to decide if I really want satellite internet or not.
> But is really compelling to not have to buy or make any additional
> control box or dongle if I can control the Directv boxes with standard
> usb cables.

Not USB, standard serial, as in RS-232. And it's only *some* receivers,
check it out first.

Some mobos have only 1 serial port, some have none, if you were to
control 2 receivers you'd need 2 serial ports, so you might have to go
with an add-in card, which would take up a PCI slot. If buying a mobo
from scratch you'd want to make sure it had 2 serial ports if at all

There are USB-to-Serial adapters of course, but they need drivers...

Nothing is ever easy.


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