[mythtv-users] Source of my IOBOUND problem?

Brian L. Walter blwalter at gmail.com
Fri Jun 8 10:41:06 UTC 2007

Craig Huff wrote:
> William,
> Currently I have everything on one HD with /video on a separate LVM'd partition.
> My results for running hdparm -tT three times each against the root partition and the 
> partition /video is mounted on resulted in 60MB/s +/- 1MB/s, so not much different than
> your results.
> I strongly suspect the 0.10.1 version of ivtv is the most likely culprit at this point.  I hope 
> to upgrade all the related pieces in the next day or two and try again.  It mainly depends on
> A) time to do the work ;-) and B) What Axel has ready to use in atrpms since I use so many
> interlocking pieces.
> Still, it sounds like I'll want to pursue changes to improve my disk I/O throughput soon, even
> if the ivtv fix improves things.
> Craig.

My symptoms with the  ivtv driver  came from the infamous  dma errors.  
Once you start getting those, you start getting clock drift.  And once 
my clock started drifting, all kinds of bad things would happen (not the 
least of which, missed schedules). 

If your getting any kind of errors in messages from ivtv about dma 
errors, pursue the ivtv issue, as at *lot* of things improved for me 
with the newer driver.  It even, for a brief time, fixed FF/RW!


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