[mythtv-users] New forum to discuss MythTV

William Munson william_munson at bellsouth.net
Thu Jun 7 20:13:54 UTC 2007

Craig Partin wrote:
> Does anyone else find it odd that this person has never made a single
> post on this list and yet wants to start a forum with a very generic
> announcement email?
> I wonder how many of these other lists have recieved.
> Hello Everyone,
> There's a new forum that has been setup to discuss X. The new forum
> address is http://www.Xforum.com

Another thing which occurred to me (I was the first poster to "bash" the 
post) is that it would not be hard to set up a web site that tried to 
plant a trojan in every browser that tries to visit. There are certainly 
enough people out there with outdated browsers just waiting to be turned 
into spam sources or worse, bots for DOS attacks. I did not want to 
accuse this person of such behavior but the complete lack of any attempt 
to soothe people with replies leads me down that path now.


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