[mythtv-users] No output from mythshutdown... Ubuntu 7.01 0.20 package release

Matt Poff matt.poff at headfirst.co.nz
Wed Jun 6 23:29:49 UTC 2007

Have been trying to get autowake/shutdown working with mythwelcome. 
Mythwelcome seemed to be failing to execute or pass variables to the 
backend so I have written a wake set Bash script which by-passes it 
altogether, instead pulling the next scheduled wake up time, preroll and 
startup times from the database and calculating the wake up time there.

Now I'm trying to configure things so the system will shutdown after 
recording but at present mythwelcome is loading the front end after 
autowake preventing the system shutting down. To troubleshoot I've run 
"mythshutdown --startup" and "mythshutdown --status" off the command 
line and get no output. Is this usual? if the application isn't running 
that would certainly explain my initial problem. Could this be a 
permissions issue? I'm certain that the mythtv user in the sudoer.tmp 
list is configured to run this command.

The current set-up is as follows:

Wakeup time format:    yyyy-MM-ddThh:mm:ss
Set wakeuptime command:    sudo /usr/bin/MythWakeSet
Server Halt Command:    sudo shutdown -h -P now
Pre Shutdown check-command    mythshutdown --check

nvram-wakeup Command:    mythshutdown --setwakeup $time
nvram-wakeup Restart   
Command to reboot   

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