[mythtv-users] ABC-HD Slow Playback

Jim Shank jim.shank at gmail.com
Wed Jun 6 21:32:15 UTC 2007

That makes sense with the 2.0 timestretch fix. This was specifically
Desperate Housewives that is giving me trouble. How would I go about nailing
down the exact symptoms? I can host a download of the file for confirmation.
Would "mencoder /video/6071_20070520200000.mpg -oac copy -ovc copy -endpos
300 -o ABCHDMyth.mpg" give me an accurate 5-min clip of the file? If so,
it's 617MB and I can post a link to download it.

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Jim Shank wrote:
> I do have that disabled. It's also worth mentioning that all of the other
> broadcast networks, FOX, NBC, CBS, etc work perfectly. It's just this one
> station. I have verified the channels and mplex tables against hdhr scan
> make sure I am not off by a frequency or something like that.
The the record, I have the same issue watching Lost on ABC-HD with 
recordings coming from a firewire port on my cable box.  It occurs for 
all 720/60p content.  For some reason myth only plays it at 30fps.  The 
strange thing is that if I mythtranscode it to mpeg4 720/60p it works 
fine, so it's not the fact that it is 60Hz that is the problem, but 
rather something about the MPEG2 source it doesn't like.
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