[mythtv-users] Hauppuage PVR-500 with two different TV sources and streaming from the backend to a remote frontend

Jongi jongitech at gmail.com
Tue Jun 5 09:31:59 UTC 2007

> - It doesn't feel to me like Myth is currently designed to record 24/7
> TV. One immediate problem is that live TV recordings are auto-expired in
> hours (true?), not sure if there's a setting to change this. Also, AFAIK
> Myth only "records" live TV when you're actively watching it; when you
> to do things with the menus etc., it stops recording. You may be able to
> schedule recordings of all shows on a certain channel with a bit of
> scripting, but then it's not streaming like live TV. Not quite sure how to

> get around this, maybe someone else does.

By recording LiveTV, I don't mean the buffer but starting a recording while
watching a program. So say I was watching some sport and I decide part way
through that I would actually like to record it. I press the record button
and I would prefer this to be recorded by Hau1. I would assume that if
priority for LiveTV is given to Hau1 then recording in this manner should
continue with Hau1.

The obvious problem is what happens when I change channels. I would guess
that Hau1 would then either stop recording or record what is on the new
channel. I don't think either action would be unreasonable.

> - For the scheduled recordings, Myth currently needs two separate tuners
>  record back-to-back shows -if- you want a little overlap in order to
>  that recordings don't cut off the beginning/end due to broadcaster timing

>  slop (a good idea). I think this would take priority over live TV (so
>  TV would be interrupted). Having one extra tuner (3 total) may solve this

>  problem.

Hmm. A third tuner. An idea worth thinking about I suppose.
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