[mythtv-users] Video (ripped dvd) supported formats

Brad patterbt at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 4 18:30:27 UTC 2007

I was just getting started ripping my DVDs for my mythbox, and I was wondering if I could leave the rip files in the .VOB format with the .IFO information files in the various directories that I am creating (for each individual movie) and then have mythtv play the movies direct from the .IFO file? Or would I be better off converting the files into a .ISO format (like the application DVD 9 to 5 will do)?  

I know there are a few different windows-based programs that will do this, but I was not sure if mythtv would do it.  

(I also didn't want to take the 8-10 hours transcoding time for every one of my movies to transcode them into XVid format.)


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