[mythtv-users] Compressing Streamed Data. . .?

Michael Williams gberz3 at gmail.com
Sat Jun 2 15:10:41 UTC 2007

Hi All,

I've currently got a MythTV backend running downstairs.  I've got two  
computers upstairs that I watch it on.  One problem I'm having,  
however, is the amount of data that is being streamed across the  
network.  When there is only one viewing machine I has the ability to  
bring my router to it's knees, resulting in everyone on the network  
being disconnected.  I've tried connecting over SSH with compression,  
but all that does is result in choppy video.  Are there any myth  
settings for strictly streaming?

FYI, I've tried the whole Darwin Streaming Server setup, but  
nuvexport and myth3gp both "break" due to some problems with  
FFMPEG. . .soooooo frustrating.  Anyway. . .

Thanks in advance,

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