[mythtv-users] Anyone managed to burn standard DVDs

Brian Wood beww at beww.org
Tue Jul 31 01:29:28 UTC 2007

Jake Vickers wrote:

> Same here.  I transcode to cut commercials and fit more episodes on a
> disk.  I'm recording from standard TV anyway, so the lowest resolution
> setting is fine for me.
> I have not noticed any syncing issues at all.  I'll also be more than
> happy to provide any details you're looking for.  Have you tried burning
> a disk and gotten bad audio?

Not sure if this will help, but:

I burn with MythBurn from the MythWeb interface, and have not had any
noticeable problems.

I also have some disks burned with various other methods.

I have noticed that if the disk is burned as one large .vob file (ie:
not breaking it up into 1GB files with a "remainder" at the end, the way
 most commercial DVDs are mastered) I sometimes get audio sync problems
that seem to get worse the more of the file is played.

This problem only shows up on some commercial players, and it seems to
be the less expensive or the older ones. The problem is very consistent
on a "bad" player, but never even shows up on a "good" one.

I do not have enough data for a conclusion, and I've never really felt a
need to look into it further.

I wondered if perhaps some players need to "re-sync" somehow, and
perhaps that's the reason commercial DVDs are broken up into smaller
files, but that is pure speculation.

But my point would be: Is the audio sync problem actually on the
recorded disk? Or is it some interaction between the way the disk was
recorded and a particular player?


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