[mythtv-users] Any hope for 1080i content at 1080i with nVidia?

Jonathan Seawright jonathanathome at verizon.net
Tue Jul 31 00:39:27 UTC 2007

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>From: "Steve Smith" Date: Mon, 30 Jul 2007 15:20:09 +0100
>Either way it's a bug, whether it's fixable is another matter...
>(Note that this only applies to driving the display using the CRT, DVI etc
>ports NOT using S-VIDEO/Composite as the TV out chips seem to have their
>bizarre timing rules).

Maybe I'm mistaken, but I was sure I read in a few places that these 1080i
tearing issues don't occur with the Windows drivers.  If anyone has heard
anything to the contrary I'd like to hear about it.  If that's the case I'd
think it pretty much narrows it down to a bug in the Linux driver.



The tearing issues.. if it's something like
instead of
then, I seemed to have fixed it by using 'Bob deinterlacing'.

Not sure if this is what you guys are dealing with though,



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