[mythtv-users] what is the best way to connect to the backend from a Mac OS X frontend

Tim Litwiller timlitw at gmail.com
Mon Jul 30 20:05:48 UTC 2007

I got mythfrontend working on a mac, and live tv works great but I was
wondering. what is the best method to connect to the /storage/recordings
folder on the mythtv backend from the mac.  I have samba working and can
connect to it that with with both a windows machine and the mac.

I browsed to it with the samba network connector and then created a symlink
to put the share where i wanted it on the mac - but won't that break if it
goes to sleep or I reboot.

I read somewhere I should use a nfs share but that it is hard to setup and
insecure.  My home network is nated behind a linksys firewall and my isp
blocks common ports so I'm not terribly worried about security on this
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