[mythtv-users] New to list, replacing Sky+, DVD, etc

Nick Morrott knowledgejunkie at gmail.com
Mon Jul 30 07:22:49 UTC 2007

On 29/07/07, Matt Bruce <lists at jumile.me.uk> wrote:

> >  - the (non-encrypted) satellite epg is only now and next - not 8 days.
> That's a pain. I'm a registered DigiGuide.com user - I don't supposed
> there's any way of integrating that into a PVR's EPG? Or am I right in
> thinking you can get third-party EPG data via the Internet?

Welcome to MythTV Matt

You can use the tv_grab_uk_rt grabber from XMLTV. This provides a
couple of hundred (not all though) channels of listings from the Radio
Times website. This service is free to use, listings data is for
personal use only. Sadly there is no way to use DigiGuide data on your
Mythbox, unless you scrape (which is not allowed...).


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